A new blogroll

I have completed the first version of my blogroll plugin and you can view the results here. At present it includes ten people as I wanted to stay true to James Shelley’s notion about value.

Spoiler alert: he made the list.

As previously mentioned, the blogroll stores entries using a custom post type then displays them by way of a shortcode which can be placed on any page. Each time the shortcode is triggered the blogroll.opml file is recreated so it is always up to date.

I have updated the site footer to show links to both the directory and blogroll. The directory is still valuable for discovery purposes but nothing beats explicit recommendation.

The plugin is available on GitHub - usage and styling info is in the readme.

  1. Nice work, Colin. I like the explanations of why you appreciate each blogger, and the quote from James at the top.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Thanks Chris. I think blogrolls definitely benefit from having some meat to them rather than just a simple list of links.
  2. mikehaynes says: #
    @colinwalker Thanks for this, Colin. I’m using this on my blog now and it works great. Is there currently or planned ability to reorder blogroll items? I tried setting the order but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.
  3. colinwalker says: #
    @mikehaynes Glad you like it Mike 🙂 The shortcode currently returns entries in ascending order based on post ID (‘order’ => ‘ASC’,) so any change in order would need to be a change to the query. What sort of order are you looking to put them in?
  4. mikehaynes says: #
    Trying to set it alphabetically but it doesn’t seem to want to follow the order I’ve set.
  5. It is an immense honour to be quoted on your blogroll — thanks! Really like the way you’ve set this up.