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I missed another small blog anniversary on Sunday, it didn't even register until I went through 'On This Day' for a few days.

The 3rd April 2008 was the date of the first post on the WordPress blog and, consequently, the date of the first post in the archive here. That makes 14 years on this site.

Yes, the platform has changed, the name has changed, twice, and the address has changed — a bit like the ship of Theseus or Trigger's broom from Only Fools and Horses. And, yes, I've used those both as a similar illustration before.

Despite all this I still consider it the same site as I spun up 14 years ago, when I decided to leave behind an ailing experience on a self-hosted SharePoint site running on an old server in my dining room.

Maybe things will change again in a few more years — I doubt it will be another 14 — and I'll move on to something else, self-built or otherwise. Who knows what will become possible in that time.

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