# So, I received an email inviting me to join the Medium Partner Program and get paid for what I publish. It's because I was there at the beginning in 2012 but the email also says: "and you're still writing today..."

Yes, I'm still writing but not on Medium; my last cross-posted piece was back in May.

I'm not reading anything into it, they've likely invited a lot of the early adopters just to get a broader spectrum of writers and articles. In fact, it's quite the opposite - if they'd seen my posting habits and read anything I've recently written about Medium they'd likely never consider me for the program.

Take this statement from Ev Williams during an interview:

"We have a ton of writers on Medium, and the majority of them aren’t really our target for our partner program. We don’t want to suggest that everybody who writes should get paid or try to get paid."

That I've got an email just makes it feel like I'm a statistic, nothing more then the result of an automated date check.

And that's not how to build trust in something you're trying to build.

Regardless, I've not posted anything exclusive to Medium - barring comments - for ages; I believe in everything being available openly, for free. If it's all on my blog first why do I then want to cross-post it behind a paywall, and why would anyone choose to pay to read it there?