# Writing by hand necessarily introduces an additional editing and review phase that wasn't there before.

When typing posts from scratch I would really only be performing a final check for grammar and errors whereas transcribing from paper to screen forces me to re-read and re-evaluate what I have written.

Occasionally, I'll redo entire sections as I look upon things with fresh eyes, there being a delay between the initial writing and transcription. However, there usually aren't too many changes but I do find myself catching a few things that I might otherwise let slip.


  1. smokey says: #
    Good points there. I believe that in a podcast episode about handwriting (I think @vasta recommended it to us?), the experts mentioned that hand-writing things involves different parts of the brain and builds different connections, so in addition to the time delay, you’re probably also getting looks from two different parts of the brain, as well.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    You're probably right. I think it was @patrickrhone commented before on one of my posts that he could tell it was handwritten rather than typed as it felt much more fluid, like an evolving thought process. I'd be interested to listen to that podcast if anyone has the link @vasta?
  3. smokey says: #
    Oh, that’s interesting. I might be able to track down the podcast from my favorites or replies…let me see…. Found it, I think—the one @vasta mentions here. (The other question is, whether I’m remembering it correctly or mischaracterizing it!)

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