# I don't know if it's just the Field Notes notebooks or whether they've triggered a change in mindset but, whenever I have one available, I always start writing there rather than on my phone.

That's quite a shift for me.

Somewhat ironically, this wasn't written by hand as I didn't have a notebook with me.

There have been a few times in my life when something has just clicked and my behaviour has changed. For example, when I was seventeen I realised I was drinking way too much, bordering alcoholism, so just stopped. And earlier this year I just stopped biting my nails despite having done so since I was a kid.

I think that's just how my mind works. I can't tackle a number of things at a time, I only seem to be able to make a change to one thing whether I mean to or not.

The drink was very much a conscious decision, stopping biting my nails just sort of happened but once I'd started (er, stopped) I just carried on and it's been the same with using pen and paper.

Whatever the reason it's been a happy accident but it's a change that I like and, as with the others, hope that it sticks.