# Des asked if I was planning to release my Webmentions Directory as a plugin rather than a page template.

I hadn't considered it but he got me thinking.

I wondered about the best way to do it and came up with creating a shortcode that can be entered on any post or page, and also in a template with the do_shortcode() function.

An initial version is in place on my site and seems to be working fine. It relies on the indieweb Semantic Linkbacks plugin being installed and domain exclusions can only be added by modifying the plugin code - for now.

I will look to add a settings page for the easy addition of exclusions. For example, I have my own domain and micro.blog currently excluded from the list.

As always, you can find it on GitHub.

  1. Thanks again for this great little plug-in. It certainly provides an interesting way to credit those people who are actively interacting. On my implementation I notice that anyone who replies to a post via the micro.blog interface will show by name, but the link will only be to micro.blog – not to their profile, or their blog. Is this a limitation of the way things are at the moment, or do I need to configure things differently?