# Although it is still in beta I have decided to switch to Drafts 5 as my daily driver so that I can get used to it properly.

Greg (from Agile Tortoise) has made considerable changes to the aesthetics of the app making it feel different - even if, on the face of it, it's still just a Markdown note taking app.

It is significantly more powerful due to changes in action scripting, however, I will only ever use a tiny fraction of that power. Still, you don't get to really know something until you use it all the time so I may surprise myself.

  1. jmreekes says: #
    I’m 99% sure it is. It started as a closed beta but I’m pretty sure Greg has opened it up to anybody who wants in on it. Drafts 5 rocks, BTW ;) (Just had to throw it out there)
  2. Intriguing. I tried so hard with Drafts but just could never get it to stick in my workflow. Maybe this version will be different. So many good rolls makes settling difficult.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Horses for courses though. Some swear by iA Writer but I just don't like it because of the way it handles posting to WordPress. If you've got something else that works it's probably best to stick with it.

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