# It's a shame that Messages in iCloud didn't make it out of beta. I got so used to it syncing between the phone and MacBook - it worked flawlessly for me but Apple have obviously deemed it not ready for prime time.

  1. roelio says: #
    I was also looking forward to that. I guess now we’ll have to wait until iOS 12?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I’ve seen talk of 11.4 before we hit WWDC but who knows. I suppose it depends on the reason they pulled it from 11.3.
  3. joelmearig says: #
    I am running the betas and haven’t had that same seamless experience. Works most of the time but not always. Also deletes on the iPhone requires two taps. Needs to carry over to the Apple Watch for full functionality.
  4. roelio says: #
    I’d rather see a stable solution a bit later, than an unstable one now. We’ll see. 😉