# It's very rare for me to remember my dreams, it's almost as though I hardly dream at all but everybody does. When I do it's usually because they are extremely weird or something grabs me in a certain way.

Last night I dreamt that, among other things, I was in an episode of Doctors, a TV drama series here in the UK, and two quotes struck me. I was lucid enough to think "I must remember these" but, sadly, the first was lost to me on waking.

The second, however, is as follows:

The pen keeps the mind talking,
So that The Darkness stops.

# It's so sad to see that David Prowse, aka Darth Vader, has shuffled off this mortal coil. Vader was an iconic villain but with a redemption story which is what we ultimately long for in story.

I also remember him as the green cross code man from when I was a kid, teaching us how to be safe on the roads.

'Stop, look and listen' - advice we can always use.

# It's annoying me that I can't remember the first phrase from last night's dream. I know it was something profound.

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