# Over the past couple of days, I re-watched Blade Runner 2049 while commuting. I still stand by my comments that the soundtrack doesn't hold a candle to Vangelis' score for the original but it started to grow on me.

I didn't get the chance to see the film at the cinema so, likely, didn't get the benefit from experiencing its scale both visually and aurally. Watching it on my phone through headphones, however, gave what should be a sensory spectacle a more intimate feel.

While the vastly reduced m scale allowed me to focus on the subtleties of story without being visually overwhelmed, the soundtrack became that much more immersive for being piped directly into my ears. This, no doubt, played a big part in it starting to grow on me.

Although watching something in this way can never compete with a big screen experience I think it offers its own set of rewards that, in this case, matched the needs of a second viewing. Personally, I found the intimacy, immersion and focus made it a more emotional watch than the first time, especially at the culmination of K's story and the "Tears in rain" refrain from the first film.

  1. mcg says: #
    The original, both the movie and soundtrack are some of my favorites. 2049’s soundtrack stands on it’s own I think. I am glad they didn’t try to imitate the original anymore than they did. Would love to hear what Jóhann Jóhannsson worked on for 2049 before it was given to Zimmer.

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