# I woke up this morning to find my watch not sitting correctly so hadn't charged overnight. I left it while getting ready but was worried it wouldn't make it through the day on only a partial charge. I needn't have been. Since deleting the Siri watch face (I never used it) I've noticed a significant increase in battery life.

  1. renem says: #
    you basically saying that deleting a Watch face that you never used increases battery life?!?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I never used it but had it installed on the watch (just never swiped to it) so it was always updating in the background. Removing it has made quite a difference.
  3. renem says: #
    same here. I deleted it and will have a look during the next day. Thanks for the hint!
  4. 40Tech says: #
    Interesting. That’s my usual watch face, and my battery (Series 3) is great - enough to get thru 2 days with a 40 minute workout each day. I did take the Siri complication off the face, though, and ditched Stocks from showing up in the feed.
  5. 40Tech says: #
    Ah, got it. I still wear my Series 0 to bed for sleep tracking. I'm hoping I don't get battery expansion issues or anything like that.
  6. renem says: #
    Update on battery life with only one installed with face (not the Siri one). Still the same battery life as with 4 more including the Siri face. Series 3 cellular. Sure you saw a difference?