# I have further streamlined my home screen by relegating the Clock, Calendar and Weather apps to a folder - I don’t use any of them enough to really warrant a top level position. Apple Maps has been grouped with Google Maps in a new folder on page two so that a full row has been removed.

This is about as minimal as I can go without causing myself the inconvenience of too many extra swipes and taps.

  1. Bruce says: #
    Wow, that is super minimal. I'm way too much a clutterer to even attempt it. :)
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Page 2 has the same number of spaces occupied but with more folders. I don’t really have that much installed. And I just love the blank icon trick to shift things down the screen.
  3. stefp says: #
    I couldn’t stick with the blank icon/black background. It was like staring into a black hole whenever I turned it on. I’m back to something a bit more colourful now.
  4. stefp says: #
    I don’t really care about wallpaper on laptops either. I keep switching around on my phone though. Depends on my mood.
  5. kulturnation says: #
    Oh, had to check my iPhone: black background. Don’t think I would call it wallpaper :D