# I was going to skip the morning pages today as I was tired but caught myself and thought "No!" I need to show up, need to keep the discipline. I can't keep allowing myself to let things slip just because it's hard or inconvenient or I don't feel like it.

One day at a time...

Writing that sentence yesterday had a double meaning. It was to reflect that I had switched the blog's home page to the more ephemeral Daily View (although I may need to tweak the logic a bit more.) It was also about literally taking one day at a time to get through all of this (external and internal), to keep going and not give in to the doubt and frustration.

One day at a time...

That's all you can do. You can't live tomorrow until it comes and yesterday has already gone and cannot be lived again.

Today is all that we can do, today is all that we have. We can look back with contentment or regret but it doesn't change anything. We can plan ahead but there is no guarantee those plans will come to fruition.

There is only now.

One day at a time...

And that's enough.

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