# Not to go on about morning pages too much but I feel that it is filling a gap in my writing. My "everywhere" notebook is largely for blog posts (it's where I wrote this) and my daily log is for structured reflection, assessing each day and putting it to bed before I retire for the night.

There was nowhere within what I was doing to just explore words, throw things at the page, write purely for the joy of writing. Morning pages is becoming that place, even though I have only just started.

The freedom to allow the words to flow, to come of their own volition, is such a release. No pressure, no anxiety over getting it right as there is no right. There are no restrictions.

I wrote during this morning's session that once I stop to think about what I am writing it starts to become contrived, I start to tell a story rather than the truth, rather than what's really inside.

  1. Brian G Fay says: #
    Go on about Morning Pages. Go on and on because they are an unbelievable gift we can give ourselves. I'm on my 2,066th consecutive day of doing them and this morning I really was just playing with words, thinking around about things, pretending that my three pages were a playground. I went through a time when I worried that I wasn't "getting anywhere" with my Morning Pages but just kept going and tried to let that anxiety drop. It did. I just keep going. Nothing in my writing or living other than my marriage and children has been more important in my life than Morning Pages. Really.