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Brian with more on 'enough' or, as he frames it, 'balance'. Reference this piece by Paul Jarvis.

Jarvis's concept of enough I call balance. I imagine that tightrope walkers don't remain long in balance as they cross the wire. Balance is something we return to. We fall out of balance, wave our arms madly, and hope to come back into balance before we fall, but we are always moving out of balance. We can also keep working to return to balance.

At any point what is required to achieve balance will differ, what is enough will vary, we just need to work to restore that balance, to reassess what enough means for us.

  1. philipbrewer says: #
    Dynamic balance, like on a slack line, is just like that. Static balance, like standing on one foot (or even on two feet) is much less so. You don't have to keep going. You can just stand there until your legs get tired.