# I saw an app that does automatic transcribing of recordings. It also lets you import audio from elsewhere so I thought I'd give it a try with the latest episode of the microcast:

"I am calling and will cause a student film. We're in the middle of a little break why. I didn't think I was going to be.

Doing an episode to die. And so I didn't have anything planned. But I was thinking before. Loosely hell. So being a white would affect.

So have I posted in what I did the. I mean worried. Most of the way that I. It tends to cloak now."

And so it goes on! I don't think I'll be relying on it somehow.

  1. desparoz says: #
    That's awesome. Quick aside—one of the things all Japanese are taught during English classes is that Australians pronounce 'today' as 'to die'. In my 2 years in Japan, whenever I met a local would they would say "Ah, Australian: 'I am going to hospital to die'".
  2. kulturnation says: #
    I tried tis with Drafts, putting my iPhone 6 next to a speaker that played a German radio report, and Drafts did a pretty fine job. Of course, these radio people normally pronounce well, and normally there is only one person talking, so there shouldn‘t be too many mistakes :)
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Yeah, Drafts is pretty good at it but this was an app supposedly designed for exactly this purpose 😮
  4. kulturnation says: #
    I understood, just wanted to mention that it doesn‘t need all these new & shiny apps when you have Drafts :D But of course, if this app would transcribe faster than realtime or more than one recording at a time, it would be interesting if reliable.
  5. Colin Walker says: #
    I was looking at it because it gives you both the audio and the transcript which could be useful rather than just dictation but, agreed, pointless if unreliable.