# Not having relatives come for Christmas, for obvious reasons, means that the holiday season is actually a more relaxed affair. We are normally rushing from one thing to the next to fit them in either before people arrive or leave.

With it being just us things are far more easy-going. We can go at whatever pace feels best and don't have to try to pack everything in to just one day. It's far more civilised.

# I've not been able to play with the Behringer TD-3 yet as it ships with a euro plug (some adapters are on order along with an assortment of cables) but I've been getting to grips with the Korg Volca Drum, figuring out what it's capable of and generally making noise.

The array of sounds that can be produced with the Drum is extraordinary - it's a drum synthesiser rather than a drum machine - and it can do so much more than just beats.

Once the adapters etc. turn up (should be here on Monday) I'll get them both running together and the fun will really begin.

I've been promised a second TD-3 at some point and will hope to add other bits of kit in future to give more possibilities. I used to love messing about with ReBirth and software synths back in the day but have always wanted to go hardware.

  1. maique says: #
    We arrived at the same conclusion! Things can get hectic real quick. This time around we found it enjoyable, less stressful.
  2. mrkrndvs says: #
    I too have turned to the physical in regards to instruments. I bought the Volca Modular. I think I am getting my head around it, partially because of the time spent tinkering with VCV Rack. collect.readwriterespond.com/hardware-... I have been looking at getting a Volca Sampler 2 to compliment it and provide some rhythmic contrast. One of the issues I have is finding a power supply that would work for multiple Volcas. Just not sold on the cost of the Korg adaptor, especially when I would have to buy two. Wondering if you bought the official adaptor or if you are just running off batteries?
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      This is the one I bought for the Drum. Not an official one but sold as specifically for the Volcas. I'm thinking about getting the Volca Keys in future but a second TD-3 is definitely my priority.

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