# After recently mentioning that I should break out my old copy of ReBirth to make some music my attention was well and truly rapt by Auxy in the App Store today.

Dubbed a "mobile studio" it lets easily you combine drums and synths (bass and lead) using a basic piano roll and pattern sequencer.

But basic it isn't!

The ease with which you can throw something together and even automate controls and effects is remarkable.

I've been playing with it on and off all day and quickly come up with this:

  1. That's pretty impressive for a day's playing, Colin! I like the breakdown at 01:10, and the layers you bring in later. Keep it up!
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Thanks Chris :) It’s such an easy app to get going with. I used to muck about with Figure but that’s too limiting. Auxy doesn’t have that problem but is very intuitive.