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"I doubt if the blogosphere of 2018 is smaller in absolute terms than the blogosphere of the early 2000s. In fact I'm pretty sure it's orders of magnitude larger...

What changed is we lost the center."

The emergence of social networks as a driving force on the internet gave people quicker, easier ways to make a point, connect and have conversations. Blogs still existed but became isolated, the strands that wove them together as more of a community unraveled.

Things have been getting better:

  • a backlash in some quarters
  • the indieweb movement seeking to facilitate cross-talk using technologies like webmentions
  • micro.blog aiming to get people focused on blogging again

But it is still too easy to jump on your social platform of choice rather than have discussions via blogs.

  1. Bruce says: #
    Too be fair, the social networks got a lot more people writing online. Now we just how to entice them to the IndieWeb. Thankfully Facebook is helping by freaking everyone out. πŸ™ƒ
  2. Bruce says: #
    I'm lucking enough to get some writing in my Facebook feed. It helps to be friends with published writers, playwrights, etc. πŸ˜ƒ And most people are going to start with just writing. Many might not have been doing that before the silos?
  3. Bruce says: #
    Wish I could share a post from a friend. She wrote it a few days back: a beautiful and powerful defense of children's wisdom and moral guidance and our responsibility to protect all of them. And of course my not being able to link to it is part of the problem.
    1. Nitin says: #
      Can you convince/request her to post it online? Perhaps a throwaway WordPress blog or an even more throwaway telegra.ph link?

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