# Robin Sloane writes that:

"The thing about blogging is, you can just write about the things you love."

It always has been. Blogs are inherently labours of love - they frustrate and infuriate but we stick with them because they bring something out in us.

Remember the early days when bloggers used to be lambasted for writing about their cats? People didn't take this new-fangled thing seriously, thought it was a fad. Well, those bloggers wrote about their cats because they loved them and wanted to share that with the world no matter how silly it may have seemed.

It was an excuse to connect.

We need every excuse to connect that we can get right now. Many of us are self-isolating or under some form of lockdown, artificially distanced and separated from the rest of the world. We watch from our windows (both the ones in our walls and electronic) but it is no substitute for real human contact. At least we can share our thoughts, feelings, fears with those who might happen upon our sites; we can engage in these personal spaces in a more intimate way than any social network could ever provide.

Blogs don't need to be perfect or prize-winning, they just need to be. Written and read, but most importantly written. About anything! Whether that's what you love or not. They are windows into our own worlds allowing others insight, opportunities to reach out so that, perhaps, someone will acknowledge and respond.

That's something to be cherished at any time.

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