# 7am and it's still pitch black outside. My phone says that dawn doesn't start until quarter past and we have to wait until 7:56 for sunrise.

# A good day yesterday: rearranged the bedroom in order to mount a TV on the wall. Went a lot smoother than expected so was really happy with that.

# I'm really enjoying Shadowlands so far, the story is good and the gameplay very enjoyable. I've not made it to max level yet (one more level to go) but that's only part of the picture in this expansion.

Yes, you need to be max level to do the endgame content but you also have to finish the storyline, going through all the new zones, and meeting all of the new groups (called Covenants) before you can make the choices that will affect your abilities and play at endgame. It's a refreshing change with everyone having to go through the same process regardless of ability.

# Well, it's now 7:15 and can't see any evidence of dawn.

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