# Liked: We Should Put Fact-Checking Tools In the Core Browser | Hapgood...

"But as the web developed, the main focus of the browser wars ended up being less the browser as a navigation device and more the browser as an application platform."

The idea of building fact-checking tools directly into the browser is such a great idea. Of course, some might argue it a waste of resources as "who really browses the web these days, and isn't Facebook doing fact-checking now?" but, with the backlash against social increasing, it's time to improve the core browsing (and connecting) experience.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    I don’t necessarily agree with all his suggestions but the premise is sound. If the ideas were extended to include built in references to the likes of snopes.com and others we could be on to something.
  2. JohnPhilpin says: #
    do you post to wordpress as your prime space - i see you did some host shifting … i am currently posting to micro.blog and then was going to duplicate content to a Wordpress space .... should I just put everything on wordpress first ?
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Entirely up to you. Everything I do is on my blog first, it makes sense as it’s been there since 2008, but it’s always personal preference. At least with an m.b hosted blog you can always export your posts and move them should you want to.
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    Just noticed it mistakenly says reverse chronological order when it’s actually chronological. Will fix that.

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