# Is blogging a help or a hinderance?

Does the daily habit of sharing thoughts with the world help with ideas? Does the fact they are written and published actually preclude doing more with them on a psychological level?

Is the act of hitting publish on a post one of finality? That's it, I'm done with that, on to the next.

Or is it just an excuse?

  1. kulturnation says: #
    "Funny": in my morning diary I typed thoughts about processing ideas, from my head to my notebook to a blog post. More in an affirmative way.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I just have problems with building small ideas into big ideas and it’s almost like there’s a mental block once I’ve hit the button.
  3. hjertnes says: #
    Many small ideas can be just as interesting as fewer large ones. None of them are better than the other, just different. And you can't build the large without at least a few small ones.
  4. kulturnation says: #
    Oh, same with me, just my mental block is there also before hitting the button. And after :) I remember doing some mindmapping on your topic on short posts. After posting it, I got stuck.
  5. Christopher says: #
    I think this at least partially has to do with how you process thoughts and ideas. Personally, I find that writing lets me actually understand issues that interest me and that, over time, I'm better able to develop more sophisticated thinking on issues I care about.
  6. hjertnes says: #
    I have trained myself to always move on to other things when I feel stuck, and have a system (todoist or a notebook) to make sure I get back to it at a later point. @kulturnation
  7. Nitin says: #
    Well, the practice I've taken on is to go to my blog, write something up, and if it doesn't seem sharable, I set the post visiblity to private and hit publish. Let's me let go of that topic and still gives me the feeling of achieving something! :)
  8. kulturnation says: #
    I just remembered German writer Stefan Hermlin who said that he never was able to write stories or essays longer than some 10 or 20 pages. After that he was through with a topic or idea. Same for me, I am not the long distance writer (and, of course, far away from Hermlin‘s level :D ).