Now one rather annoying thing about scholars is that they are always using Big Words that some of us can't understand...

...and one sometimes gets the impression that those intimidating words are there to keep us from understanding.

In this section from "The Tao of Pooh" (which I finally bought after years of dithering) the author's emphasis is on the word "keep" but I feel it could be equally applied to the following "us".

The point, of course, is for the scholar to appear superior, to blind us with science.

I have no pretence of being superior to anyone which is why I don't use long words for the sake of it. It infuriates me when I have to look up every other word in something I'm reading because the author wishes to be seen as clever.

What's the famous quote? "If you can't explain it simply enough..."


  1. Colin Walker says: #
    The link was just for context of the book. The word "keep" is in the quote. Perhaps I should add additional emphasis to clarify.
  2. prologic says: #
    So... What did "keep" mean in this context in that book? The only other meaning I know of is the old one that has something to do with castles (which admittedly I forget the exact definition of!)

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