# I received an email that Airmail had been updated for the iPhone X so thought I'd take another look but decided it's definitely not for me any more. In doing so, I started rethinking my choices in general.

It was in July that I decided on using Edison Mail on the phone due to some performance issues with the native mail.app and its inability to handle Gmail properly. (I'm not getting into that argument.)

Since then, however, I have migrated the majority of my mail away from Gmail - it only really receives certain subscriptions (such as the one from Airmail, now unsubscribed) so that's no longer an issue.

With this in mind I thought it was a good time to give Mail another shot and set up my accounts. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of other apps but I don't actually need them.

Whether it's improvements in iOS11 or just having a better phone I don't know but the performance issues I used to get no longer seem to be there.

If this works out it'll be good to use the system app again so I can just tap mail links and not have to worry. And, besides, one less app is always welcome.

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