# While I wait for Drafts to be available for Mac (no pressure Greg) I am using a couple of actions created by Tim Nahumck to save a draft to iCloud Drive for editing and then restore an updated version back to Drafts on the phone.

I am currently using CotEditor as my text editor of choice as it supports a range of syntaxes in a slimline package but doesn't include Markdown preview functionality. So I've found a couple of options to preview Markdown files on the Mac:

What I could really do with is a share extension or script so that I could preview directly from within CotEditor but that's for another day.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    Are you in the D5 Slack? It’s actions that Tim created but doesn’t seem to have uploaded to the directory.
  2. vasta says: #
    Waaah? That sounds amazing. Exactly what I'm looking for. If I'm not in the D5 Slack, are those actions available somewhere easily?
  3. vasta says: #
    Definitely! He said he’s just cleaning them up a little and then will send them over. Will share!

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