# I need to update my CV - apparently it's essentially rubbish and doesn't sell me.

Self-critical as I am, I always find it hard to promote myself and extol my virtues; it's hard for me to think that I have achieved things and that these are worthy of consideration.

I tend to look at it like most of my job is just doing my job and, therefore, nothing special, but that doesn't look good to prospective employers or help me stand out from the crowd.

I also find it difficult to consider I have transferable skills, I have painted myself as stuck in a rut, unable to do much beyond what I currently do, and this is the only picture I see.

I know bits about various things but nothing to any great depth, I'm a hobbyist and tinkerer so can't list these things as skills or I would be found out very quickly.

Still, I have to find some way of selling myself or things as theg stand will collapse. No pressure.

  1. zorn says: #
    I'd be happy to give some feedback. I don't hire that often but have been on an interview team while consulting with some clients. Let me know: mike@mikezornek.com
  2. stevepbrady says: #
    This is actually what I do for a living. Not trying to sell on MB, but I'd be happy to just take a look and provide pointers.

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