# My wife is about to embark on a Theology degree and one of the books to read in advance is How To Write a Theology Essay by Micheal P Jensen. I'm reading it as well so that we can discuss what it covers and came across this:

Thinking is actually hard work.

Now it doesn't look like it is, because you do a lot of it sitting down, and you don't sweat much doing it. You don't get callouses anywhere, and you don't put your back out for the most part.

But it is hard. Done properly, thinking is exhausting. That's why we watch TV – because it is like we are having someone else do our thinking for us.


  1. artkavanagh says: #
    It’s because thinking is hard work that I long ago realized that I prefer to see myself as a writer, rather than a thinker, or “intellectual”. I often write as a substitute for thinking — and sometimes (I hope) as a backdoor into it.
  2. We often joke at work (as technical writers) that if you see us staring out the window, we're actually working hard. And it's true. Most of writing is thinking, and you can't write well unless you think well.
      1. Colin Walker says: #
        JetPack has always been installed. Couldn't you before? Maybe it's something to do with the move to the new host.

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