# I've never really been one for task management, I tend not to have things planned out in any way. I've started looking at this more in recent months, however, and feel like the time might be right for some kind of solution.

I was considering using Drafts as an outliner and management app but I'm not sure it would be the best environment. Yes, I could fashion something useable thanks to scripting but it would not be ideal.

The release of Things 3.4 - with it's URL scheme and support built directly into the Drafts 5 beta - has got me thinking.

Still, I can't help but think that I'm only really considering it because of the Drafts connection rather than because I actually need it.

  1. jhull says: #
    hah! You read Viticci’s article as well I see. Things is beautiful and fun to use. I figure, if an app can help me get 10% more done today, why not use it?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    His and others. Having not really used task apps I just have trouble justifying it for something I may not end up keeping around.
  3. ChrisReed says: #
    All the talk about Things has be thinking about it too. I tend to just keep a list in reminders right now.
  4. Christopher says: #
    I’ve used paper task management for years now. Every digital system just doesn’t have the same heft in my brain as paper, plus I like the ability to write weekly ‘so what’ entries under my weekly tasks to contextualize in my brain how well the week went/fell apart.