# I have changed the "subscribe" link in the footer to point an actual /subscribe page rather than just the RSS feed.

As you will see, the microcast is still on hold (for the foreseeable future) but there is a little surprise: I am going to start an email newsletter!

I've mulled over the idea before but was hesitant about setting something up if there was no real purpose behind it. I've now found the focus I needed.

I said that I wanted 2018 to be the year I did something with my writing so I'm starting a new project that will hopefully become a book. I don't know how long it will take me or how long the work itself will end up but, for once, I'm determined to get it done.

The newsletter will be a behind the scenes look at what I'm doing but I will explain more in the first update which I'm aiming to send on 1st March.

If you want to help shape the project (or just be nosy) I'd love for you to sign up.

  1. vincent says: #
    Sounds interesting and am quite excited to follow along. Have subscribed.
  2. hutaffe says: #
    Good luck for your journey! I’m always interested to follow stories like this ☺️
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I must admit, since TinyLetter decided to go the captcha route it’s not been as nice but it’s still (for now) one of the simplest to use. Double check your junk folder just to make sure.
  4. JohnPhilpin says: #
    just last week I unsubscribed from 80% of the newsletters I was receiving - but just subscribed to yours! It didn’t seem a simple process .... and confirmation email still not come through - but interested to see what you are doing.
  5. JohnPhilpin says: #
    have you looked at substack … stowe boyd moved to it recently - so taking a look at that - not got strong thoughts either way yet.
  6. JohnPhilpin says: #
    i just tried the link you provided in here - different experience - last time having put in email and clicked submit - was asked for email again … this time that didn’t happen - and tiny letter just delivered their confirmation into my junk …. so we are all good.
  7. JohnPhilpin says: #
    that could be true ... just sharing and will of course take a look at tinyletter - my usual world of mailchimp just seems to get more and more bloated as I go.