200 days

# Today I’ve reached 200 consecutive days of posting.

Some days have seen a lot while others might have had something very brief but I’m not forcing myself to adhere to any rules.

I don't think I even achieved a streak like this during Write365 as I missed 5 days throughout the year due to illness.

I've certainly never gotten anywhere close on my own blog and probably not even when I was using Twitter quite a lot.

Mixing things up with both long and short form posts, likes and replies, makes it much easier to post on a regular basis - and, dare I say, more natural.

I'm free to write whatever I want without the restrictions of topic or format whether imposed by platform or self. That’s a radically different outlook to how the blog used to be.

I like it!

  1. renem says: #
    congratulations! I’m still not in the habit to post daily but I’m getting there. I also still struggle what I write on my own blog and what I write here in my M.B. But what is visible, I rarely post directly to Twitter these days.
  2. Ron Chester says: #
    Well done, Colin. My posting streak on Microblog ended at 133 days. It was easy & I enjoyed it, but when we moved 2,200 miles to the east, I had to drive the car for five consecutive days, with nights in the motels devoted to locating people to unload the truck on the other end. And then sleeping, as soon and as long as possible. The motels all had wifi, so I could have posted, but it would have been just to maintain the streak and that didn't seem like a worthwhile purpose, in comparison to making the move happen. I didn't want my life ruled by the streak. We got Internet at the new house a few days ago & we still have a lot of work to get everything organized, so concentrating on that. Keep up the good work!
  3. Ron says: #
    Well done. I tried posting a comment on your site, but got five warnings. Looks like it went through anyway. KUTGW
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    That’s the advantage with being self-hosted and having everything run through the blog - you don’t have to choose what goes where.
  5. manton says: #
    That's why we added full blog features (long posts, titles, pages) to the Micro.blog-hosted blogs, so you don't have to self-host to get everything in one place. @renem actually has things nicely integrated on his site, though... More like 2 sections rather than 2 separate blogs.
  6. renem says: #
    Thanks! I get heavily inspired by the #indieweb movement and read most things on this wiki. What I find usefull gets integrated. Only downside for my Hugo static blog, I can't quick-post a photo to it. Therefore I'll use M.B. and also for short status updates. But this could change tomorrow ;-)
  7. Colin Walker says: #
    Absolutely, I just meant from my own perspective I didn’t need to make any choices but can still get full benefit from m.b
  8. Colin Walker says: #
    Just giving myself permission to write about anything in any format without sticking to word counts or topics makes all the difference.
  9. philbowell says: #
    yeh I can see how that makes a huge difference. I’m trying to give myself that kind of permission as well. Not quite there yet.
  10. Ron says: #
    Ohhh, so sorry, I didn't keep them. I mistakenly thought you would be able to see them. AFAIR they were pretty repetitive, so maybe not five different things.
  11. Ron says: #
    It turns out a tab on my Chromebook still had them. Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTMLFile(): Empty string supplied as input in /home/colinwalker/public_html/wp-content/themes/minmod/functions.php on line 407 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-content/themes/minmod/functions.php:407) in /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-includes/comment.php on line 531 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-content/themes/minmod/functions.php:407) in /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-includes/comment.php on line 532 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-content/themes/minmod/functions.php:407) in /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-includes/comment.php on line 533 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-content/themes/minmod/functions.php:407) in /var/sites/c/colinwalker.blog/publichtml/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1210
  12. Colin Walker says: #
    Thanks Ron. That relates to the way I pull info from the commenters site but I see you didn’t enter a URL. I’ll have to catch that in the code.
  13. Colin Walker says: #
    A quick check has been added that should prevent this from happening again. Thanks for letting me know about it. 👍
  14. dgold says: #
    you could set up a micropub endpoint for your Hugo blog, and set up a media endpoint for uploading photos. I’ve done it on mine (ascraeus.org) and it works quite well
  15. Colin Walker says: #
    haha 😆 well, when someone posts a comment I check their URL for an RSS feed to help power the directory but if they don’t enter a URL in the comment form obviously I can’t. You only put in an email address so it broke.

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