# Unsubscribing from emails is a signal. It's a signal that says "enough, stop, go away!"

It is not a sign that says "just because I had to visit your site to unsubscribe I want to buy what you're selling." It is not a message to which you reply "thanks for your interest, we thought you might like this..."

  1. desparoz says: #
    I sometimes find that unsubscribing from lists is much more work than creating a rule to auto-delete emails from that provider. Or adding them to a black hole if you use SaneBox. Either way unsubscribe should be a signal to a company that you don't want a relationship with them, and they should just respect that.
  2. hjertnes says: #
    I kind of enjoy the task of unsubscribing from lists. The way I do it is that I unsubscribe either one per day or 10 per week.
  3. desparoz says: #
    Thats very true Colin. I make a point of not unsubscribing from lists I don't recall subscribing to (or being subscribed to following a legit interaction). Straight to the black hole for those culprits.

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