# As mentioned, it looks like posts coming from micro.blog via XML-RPC are not respecting the default of having comments enabled.

What's strange is that 'comment_status' should have a value of whatever 'default_comment_status' is set to so I'm not sure why posts made in this way have comments turned off.

It looks like I've worked around it by adding the following to my functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wp_insert_post_data', 'enable_comments', '100', 1 );

function enable_comments ($postarr) {
  $postarr[comment_status] = 'open';
  return $postarr;
  1. stefp says: #
    Thanks for investigating that. I’ve found it to be a problem with various posting apps. I shall try your fix.
  2. stefp says: #
    I’ve tested it with the Micro.blog app and Quill. Comments are open in both cases so it is working here.
  3. stefp says: #
    Thanks again for the fix. It’s the sort of thing I couldn’t have come up with myself.

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