# Liked: Command-E - All this...

”Select the text you want to search for and hit ⌘E. That turns the selection into the search text, and you can go straight to ⌘G to walk through all the other occurrences.”

Well, I didn’t know about this keyboard shortcut. I can imagine it coming in very handy, especially in longer pieces.

  1. cm says: #
    oh that's a great one! Thanks. Command-E doesn't copy the text, which I think will be helpful when you have something specific on your clipboard too. So command-E, command-G, command-V. neat.
  2. cm says: #
    added with a clipboard manager (I use flycut) our text hacking powers are unstoppable!
  3. kulturnation says: #
    Clipboard managers! Clipboard managers! Clipboard managers! :) Since I use Copied across all devices live is so much better (and I was correct in assuming my wife’s reaction on „I have a new awesome shortcut!!!" - is there an emoticon for rolling eyeballs? :) ) @colinwalker