# I’ve been thinking about learning AppleScript but am wondering:

  1. is it really worth it, and
  2. what are some good online resources?
  1. eli says: #
    doesn’t seem to currently support AppleScript, but learnxinyminutes is always one of the first places I look when I’m playing with a new language or tool.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Cool thanks. Nothing fancy to begin with, just automating local stuff and binding it to keyboard shortcuts.
  3. MrHenko says: #
    As far as I know, these days anything in macOS that’s scriptable works with both AppleScript and JavaScript so I don’t think it’s worth the trouble anymore.
  4. hutaffe says: #
    It‘s also a question of what is fun for you. AppleScript might not be the latest hype, but I always enjoy using it, maybe because it’s so weird sometimes. macosxautomation.com/ should be a good place to check out.
  5. Colin Walker says: #
    Ah, but that assumed my JavaScript is up to scratch 😉 (it’s been a while) but then you’ve still got to learn the object model.
  6. MrHenko says: #
    True, and the object model of macOS automation can be really confusing but the part that always trips me up is AppleScript itself. That being said, I've never written a single line of macOS automation in JavaScript.
  7. Colin Walker says: #
    Thanks 🙏 Yes, That’s been a popular suggestion. I’ve also found a free ebook I can flick through on my phone for revision purposes.

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