# Happy Friday.

Well, maybe not seeing as we've now lost the original Boba Fett so soon after Darth Vader. It's good that the character is still going strong in The Mandalorian. (Apologies for the spoiler if you've not seen it.)

# My brain again wouldn't let me sleep until I'd dealt with more ideas for the site. This is becoming an annoying (yet productive) habit.

First, a minor change, the revision comparison for Garden pages is now within a sized, scrollable div to keep things tidier. What's more of a major change, however, is that it now displays the raw markup rather than the converted HTML.

The other change is that the header now displays a different title based on what page you are on. Just a bit of fun to add a little more personality to the different sections of the site.

# Had a weird glitch where the first section of the day wasn't added to the live RSS feed. If you've gotten duplicates in your reader I've been trying to fix it, apologies. I've made some changes but don't know if they have resolved the problem. We'll have to wait until tomorrow.

# Habit forming apps (be they exercise, meditation, journalling) work best with gamification, when they have notifications and reminders so you are less likely to break your streak. I thought it would be an interesting idea for the daily journal here.

Despite a number of different search terms I've not been able to find any examples of this, any code or plugins so it's obviously not something that others have been overly concerned about. Maybe other people are just using the apps.

Still, I thought it would be a nice idea to have some kind of visual indication so that's my project for today. Hopefully, it will be relatively simple: loop through the posts, get the date posted, check against a control and decrement that control with each iteration until there is no match. By counting the matches it should indicate the posting streak.

# That didn't take long:

Journal streak

If I'm on a streak but not journalled yet today it will say "Don't break it." If the streak is broken it will say "Start again."

# Just watched the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian and I can hardly breathe right now. So much going on and so much to come.

  1. roelwillems says: #
    I’m using Streaks on iOS. It’s a very simple app (with a widget) where you can track up to 12 habits. I have one for my daily writing goal. The app is very intuitive and I like manual checking off if I did (or didn't) do something to keep track.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I have the absolute minimum apps installed with as few notifications as possible. Having it all on the site works nicely for me.

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