# So much for not saying too much about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. At 1400 words it's the longest thing I've written in ages!

  1. manton says: #
    Good post and I agree with a bunch of points... Won't say more for now to avoid spoilers. Might write something longer after a second viewing.
  2. apulianas says: #
    good post. Is this a native Micro.blog site and that is how you get replies to show up on your site?
  3. EddieHinkle says: #
    I like the general approach you took in not trying to talk about the entire movie but instead some key points. Definitely in large agreement with your post.
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    No, it’s WordPress. I’m using IndieWeb webmentions to bring the replies in - micro.blog supports them natively.
  5. apulianas says: #
    just installed the plug in. I guess now I need to wait for someone to reply to a post to see if it works. I'm guessing old replies won't automatically populate.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    Looking at your site, do you display comments at all? It doesn’t look like you have a comment section enabled on posts. Webmentions won’t display unless you’re showing comments (you don’t need to be accepting them natively just displaying.)
  7. apulianas says: #
    is that where the "Set a page for mentions of the homepage to be sent to:" comes into play? It currently has no homepage mentions selected.
  8. Colin Walker says: #
    No, that’s to redirect Webmentions sent to your home page to a specific “mentions” page that you would create and allow comments on.
  9. Colin Walker says: #
    If you have comments enabled on a post replies via Webmention are treated just like comments. There are different types of mention, though: straight mentions like pingbacks, replies, likes so theme tweaks may be needed to display them nicely.
  10. Colin Walker says: #
    As @eli says, the IRC channels are always good resources (you can use Slack if you prefer) and everyone is always very helpful.
  11. Colin Walker says: #
    Not sure if it was m.b or WP at my end but I had a whole bunch of mentions hit at the same time (20:06) and out of order. Some kind of a glitch because they were too close maybe?
  12. manton says: #
    That's my fault. There was a queue of delayed Webmentions... They shouldn't have been sent out of order, but hitting at once I can see how they might've been.
  13. Colin Walker says: #
    Ah, thanks. I think they just got mixed up seeing as they all came through together. Just wanted to make sure. It's no biggy, I can go back and edit the time stamps at my end.

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