# I've not played World of Warcraft since November and been unsubbed for quite a while. As a tank (Protection Paladin) I started getting fed up with the attitudes of people in Raid Finder so switched to DPS (Retribution Paladin) for Legion.

The change was fun (for a while.) Not having the responsibility of tanking reduced some of the stress but, sadly, the crappy attitude from many continued which really put me off jumping into raids. The guild we used to raid with fell apart towards the end of Warlords of Draenor meaning it was Raid Finder or nothing. I chose nothing.

There's only so long you can play solo content before it becomes boring, and when you can't complete quest lines without raiding you wonder why you're bothering.

So I quit despite pre-ordering the next expansion. I just wasn't enjoying it any more.

Still, people who think they know better (and think if you don't have an achievement within two minutes of it becoming available then you don't belong in their raid) aside, I miss tanking. I miss being a big part of why a group succeeds or fails. I miss being in control of what happens in a fight.

More than these I miss the teamwork and the social element of playing with others, with a group all working towards a common goal.

That's right, I'm coming back!

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