# Having had the new expansion pre-ordered for me by my wife (for Valentine's Day) I finally decided that I was going to log back in to World of Warcraft, after months away, only to find that my Logitech G600 gaming mouse would no longer work.

I removed and reinstalled the software, just to be sure, and tested with my wife's (she has the same one) and it's definitely the mouse itself.

Shortest. Gaming. Session. Ever!

New hardware required...

  1. vanessa says: #
    How annoying. My G600 keeps "forgetting" my Guild Wars 2 mappings, usually mid-fight (of course), so I have to launch the software and click on that game setup a few times. I don't think it's as physically robust as I had hoped, either.
  2. stefp says: #
    My 2015 iMac just scrapes past the new system requirements. That’s one hardware update I’m not ready to make.
  3. stefp says: #
    My game settings have been set fairly low till now anyway so hopefully it’ll be okay. Other than that the computer is holding up pretty well.

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