# I've installed the "Eclipse" wallpaper from the Google Pixel 4a on my phone now that it's been ported to other devices and love the way that it subtly moves in place as well as changes overall in line with your remaining battery life.

Sat at my (wife's) desk in the office, looking out of the window I have been watching the world outside slowly move and come to life. The earlier rain has stopped, the traffic is building and the sky transitions from a lighter to darker grey which subtly shifts, just like the phone wallpaper, due to the thickness of cloud. Is that the tiniest hint of yellow to remind us that the sun is still behind all that cloud?

Many would just call it dull and overcast but there is nuance, gradual changes in tone and hue. With no breeze to speak of - I can't see even the tiniest of branches move - these changes are so slow that you could be excused for missing them unless you paid close attention. But look away for a moment and things will be completely different when you turn back.

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