# Hot on the heels of our anniversary today I celebrate 47 trips around the sun (yes, we arranged them to be that close on purpose.)

Do I feel my age? I don't really know what 47 is supposed to feel like so I can't answer that. I certainly don't act like it.

Age has always been just a number to me. I've never been bothered by passing milestones like 30 or 40 and I don't imagine the next one in a few years will be any different.

I'm just me. A little older and, hopefully, a little wiser.

  1. Nitin says: #
    47 is just a nice number. It's one of my favorites! Also, I love remembering every once in a while that all our life is just simply summed up by trips around the Sun. Darn.
  2. amit says: #
    It matters until it doesn't. After a point, mostly mid thirties I guess, it's just the birth day. Oh. And many happy returns of the day! :)
  3. khurt says: #
    I think you are supposed to feel like age is just a number of trips around the sun.
  4. vasta says: #
    Happy birthday! Congratulations on the anniversary, too. Just a number or not, I hope you're taking some time to celebrate yourself. :)
  5. retrophisch says: #
    I'm turning 48 later this year, and I don't feel it (for the most part). I often wonder if this is how my dad felt when he was 47, and I wonder if he now really feels being 70, or not.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    It’s weird. I look at previous generations (especially my grandparents) and think they had a more defined notion of what age meant, what you should be doing at different life stages and how you should behave.

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