# Posting without titles is immensely liberating. Not having to come up with something pithy to head up the piece every time you want to say something really takes the pressure off - you just get on with writing.

Of course, it's the career blogger's nightmare - those who keep reminding us that the title is the most important part of the piece, your one chance to capture the eyes of potential readers.

Some content will always need titles: microcast episodes, parts of a series, or more topical long form offerings. It is these that will form the bait, but the rest that will get people to subscribe or, just maybe, keep coming back to your site.

We don't think in titles, we think in ideas.

Sometimes they need announcing but, usually, the idea alone is enough.

  1. Jack Baty says: #
    I love not always needing to worry about post titles as well. I can just type the thing I'm thinking about and click "Publish".
  2. desparoz says: #
    I also loved this line:
    "We don’t think in titles, we think in ideas."
    Occurred to me it would've been a great title ;-)
  3. desparoz says: #
    YES! Not only should most ideas stand alone without a flashy title, but indeed the over-(ab)use of titles could distract the signal through unnecessary noise.