# Feedly (my RSS reader of choice since Google's decision to sunset Reader) is listed in the App Store with its full name: "Feedly - Get Smarter"

The app also sometimes says "never stop learning" in the main view before refreshing the feed.

And it got me thinking:

What learning tools, resources or courses out there share lessons via RSS? Are there any?

Surely, this has to be a thing and if not, why not?

It strikes me as the perfect delivery vehicle for regular, segmented lessons and I wonder about the scope of actual learning via this mechanism.

  1. eli says: #
    iTunes U, and podcasts are built on the back of RSS, so I guess they’re sort of an educational tool that works over RSS.
  2. johnjohnston says: #
    I’ve taken part in learning that involved RSS both to push content to learners and aggregate their responses.