# I did something today that I don't normally do.

My job is predominantly reactionary requiring fast response times so the tendancy is to get stuck in situ. If I leave the building it's only ever to grab a sandwich which I'll then eat at my desk.

Not healthy.

So, today I went out for a walk. It wasn't very interesting, just a trip round the block and was only for 20 minutes, but there was no reason for it. It was a walk purely for the sake of walking.

Something I need to do far more often.

  1. vasta says: #
    It's amazing just how much a day can turn around with such a short walk. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do more of that, too.
  2. Chris says: #
    Short walks improve my day when I manage to get up and do them. If the sun's out, I like to sit on a nearby park bench for a few minutes too.