# Liked: Fears of the IndieWeb...

”Some of my favorite memories of writing online were during the early days of Blogger, prior to the Google acquisition. Personal journals were still a fairly new idea, with fairly few people publishing them. We were a community of people and of writers and we had a connection to each other and a desire to share, help, and enjoy unique content online. This feels like that.”

There is definitely a frontier spirit about the #indieweb very much like the early days of blogging, and why not? It is reclaiming the way the web used to work before the big companies turned up and took over.

Michael is right, however, when he says that the current syndication links between indieweb properties and the siloed social web are key to its success, at least in the short to medium term.

It will take time for the indieweb to expand, and for the tools to be readily accessible to anyone, but support is gradually becoming more and more widespread.

As long as those driving are willing to stay behind the wheel it’s only a matter of time.

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