# The more I post and grow into this different way of blogging the more I wonder about the validity of segregating out short posts. The Today view treats everything the same so do I still need to effectively treat micro posts as second-class citizens for RSS purposes?

Just as everything gets listed on the site it all gets pushed into Micro.blog regardless, it just comes from two separate feeds right now. As I'm increasingly writing shorter posts I debate whether these should now be included in the main feed, negating the need for a second?

I'm already considering dropping the microblog link in my bottom menu and inserting a Today link instead.

With the move away from traditional long form posts (especially rejecting the use of titles) in favour of a more 'stream of consciousness' type approach does the old model no longer fit?

If the way I blog has fundamentally changed does the single feed approach still provide the best service?

But I do still worry about flooding people's RSS readers with multiple short posts if that's not originally what they signed up for. Maintaining separate feeds gives that choice, allows people to sign up for exactly what they want.

  1. A thought in reply to: 15/06/2017, 08:43 My feed is more all-in-one. I have a separate feed for the micro posts, although that is superfluous if people follow on micro.blog. I have to give some thought as to whether to have a separate feed for long form posts, but so far haven’t seen the need.