# I couldn't sleep so spent a few hours during the night locking down my Facebook account and cleaning all sorts from the timeline

I used to have auto-cross posting enabled from Twitter back when that was a thing so all those old tweets were still sat on Facebook.

Not any more. I cleared them out along with all the other cruft like which books and films I'd read and watched.

I was hoping the repetitive monotony of manually deleting status updates might cause me to drift off like a digital version of counting sheep.

It didn't.

I removed everything I could to do with Facebook ads and tracking as well as stopping any apps from using Platform so that I can't use Facebook to log in to anything.

It's about as close as I can get to deactivating my account without actually doing it.

  1. EddieHinkle says: #
    sorry you couldn’t sleep but sounds like a good use of the time. I am planning on going through and doing some manual imports of some of the old Facebook posts to my website when I get the time with the goal of only leaving the posts from the current year on Facebook
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Yeah, it was pretty productive. I just wanted to make my footprint as small as possible.
  3. schuth says: #
    This sounds like a project I should consider for over winter recess.