# A wrong turn near Lancaster resulted in an unexpected but glorious hour and a half drive across the Yorkshire Dales.

Since we moved I've wanted to visit the Ribblehead region of the Dales (the starting place for the River Ribble which is near us) and this happy accident meant we ended up passing through that exact area with a great view of the Ribblehead viaduct which carries trains on their way up to Carlisle.

Scenery like this is one of the reasons we moved (photos by my wife as we were driving):

Yorkshire Dales

    1. Colin Walker says: #
      It was indeed, and that was but part of it. The contrast going from the Lancashire Moors, with lush greenery and trees to the rockier Dales is something to behold.
  1. Colin Walker says: #
    Cool. We love the northwest and have wanted to move here for a while. A lot of my wife's family are from Liverpool so we know the area well.

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