# One thing I've been considering is to show all of "Yesterday" if there are no posts yet Today and removing the quick link in the footer. Still, what happens if there was nothing yesterday? I doesn't feel right iterating until I get to a day with posts.

I may do something completely different and just stick some about text in there, no posts at all - perhaps trying yesterday first.

  1. nitinkhanna says: #
    what I’ve done on my /then page is to say this - “No historical posts found on this day. Tell Nitin to write some!” Of course, what I should do further is link to my social networks and/or email and give people the ability to reach out to tell me to write something
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I like that! I’ve done what I said about showing “Yesterday” if there are no posts with a placeholder for "something interesting" should I go two days without posting. just need to think of that 'something interesting' now 😆
  3. nitinkhanna says: #
    you could go with a random function or something like ‘embarrassing posts’, which would be a manual list of old posts which had bad writing or silly thoughts which you’re no longer aligned with. 😂

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