# When I returned to work on Monday I had over 11,200 unread emails waiting for me. Over the past four days I have whittled these down to those I absolutely need to process, moving them to a "triage" folder as I went.

That folder contains just 50 mails.


  1. Wow. You should submit that to Guinness Book of World Records: Most emails received while on extended leave. Well done on getting it down to 50! This just serves to remind me that we way overuse email. And, although I don't necessarily agree with Cal Newport that we should get rid of it altogether, I do think it's a broken communication system: https://hbr.org/2016/02/a-modest-proposal-eliminate-email
  2. smokey says: #
    So in any given month, you only get 10 emails that are actually important? :-)
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Well, some of them are important at the time but only because of the immediate context. Once thatโ€™s removed...
  4. gerwitz says: #
    patiently waiting for context to change is my favorite method for handling important emails.
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